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Saturday 20th May

Shopping in the morning and a plant sale in Bridport mid day. Not so much a back ache as exhaustion for the rest of the day. Bearing in mind the neutropenia, I stocked up on pineapple and Boots’ own brand mouth ulcer tablets. Why is everything good for you so horrible?. Cooked a steak dinner and sunbathed and achieved precisely nothing else!

Sunday 21 st May

Not much backache but one mid-morning trip down the garden, took me three goes to get back up to the house.

Jean is out all day at a sheep event, trying to flog our stuff, so I shall attempt to go around the whole shooting match and deal with the animals and Groves for some more feedstuffs. It will take 5 times as long as it used to take me, but I must keep up some level of activity or I shall rust and seize up. 1100 and already feeling tired before I start

My Invalid's Diary...

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